Masía Eco

Our farmhouse is newly built in a Mediterranean (Ibicencan) style with a single floor, accessible to people with disabilities. All the rooms and common areas open onto an interior patio with flowers and plants and an open roof that allows you to enjoy the starry nights all year round. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and full of light.
Eco-sustainable: At Masía aitona we are committed to ecological sustainability, so when we conceived its construction we took several aspects into account:
* Electricity: we opted for solar energy from the beginning, although we have had to adapt to the energy needs required by a tourist business in constant growth. For this reason, when the sun's energy is not enough, we rely on the traditional electricity grid, as the electric generator consumes a lot of petrol and emits a lot of noise, disturbing the peace and quiet that you can breathe at Masía Aitona.
* Water: we use rainwater to irrigate and fill the toilet cisterns, recovering it in our cisterns.
* Recycling: we recycle waste and make compost.
* Heating: we use wood pellets for our heating boiler.