What does Aitona mean?

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Aitona means grandfather in Basque.

This is my small tribute to all the grandparents who have lived through much harder times than ours, suffering wars, hunger and poverty. They gave everything for their families, for giving their children an education, for bringing home bread, for offering them, in short, a less complicated future.

To you, dear grandfather Pepe, who made my dream come true, you unknowingly laid the first stone of Masía Aitona. 

Thanks to your effort and generosity, little by little, we made our dream of living in the countryside come true, surrounded by nature, in a privileged place like Plá de Les Useres. A beautiful valley overlooking the second peak of the Valencian Community, the Penyagolosa. Vineyards, olive groves, almond fields, bounded by dry stone terraces and gentle hills. Masía Aitona found its place at the end of 2009. It took us 5 more years to complete the dream. In 2015, the plans and licences on paper became walls, sills and foundations

It was not easy, anyone who has gone through the construction of a house knows that it is a tortuous path, but the desire and the dream to fulfil were our allies.

Masía Aitona was inaugurated in June 2015 and, since then, it has maintained its essence, it was and remains a meeting place, a house to share talks, paellas and good wines under the stars.

Wherever you are, in Masía Aitona we continue celebrating life in your honour...